Silent Running

A Thriller

The axis of global power has shifted.

Is it too late to restore the balance?

Biding its time for decades, China has patiently lain in wait for its chance at global dominance. Long content to needle the West while secretly amassing intelligence, technology, and resources, the war chest is now full and the gears of the colossus are grinding into motion.

New arenas of modern battle emerge as China wages an all-out cyber assault on the West. And the more familiar tactics of brute strength play out in its bold attacks against sovereign neighbors. The scope of the Chinese menace draws the US into the melee.

But then US Naval Intelligence learns the true reasons for, and the vulnerabilities of, the Middle Kingdom’s aggression.

Will the men, women, and submarines of America's Silent Service be able to hang on to a tenuous world order...or have the scales already tipped too far?

Former US Navy submarine commander George Wallace and award winning author Don Keith are the authors of the novel HUNTER KILLER, now a major motion picture starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.

Silent Running is the seventh book in the Hunter Killer Series.